Mango Tree in Mumbai: Old School Elegance

Thai restaurant Mango Tree, which has dropped anchor in Juhu, Mumbai, has more than 70 restaurants and cafes around the globe, including Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Dubai, Washington, Jakarta, Manila and Qingdao.

Helmed by London-based studio Blacksheep Creatives, the design represents the brand’s identity of a lifestyle restaurant that serves Thai cuisine in a contemporary fashion. The chic bar area, which comes with a dedicated lounge, offers a fabulous spot for an evening tipple before dinner. The circular design of the bar area aims to provide a sense of open community, with a central lounge area and bespoke perimeter seating pods. Once you make your way into the dining area, but long-stemmed glasses on every table, minimalistic cutlery and spiffily dressed the staff lends the place an air of elegance.

Once you make your way into the dining area, long-stemmed glasses on every table, minimalistic cutlery and spiffily dressed the staff lends the place an air of elegance


Mango Tree, Mumbai: Calm and Simple

A balance between an aesthetic that offers surprise and curiosity to the customer coupled with the practical and operational needs vital for the smooth running of a business is what makes a restaurant successful. And while the design team found it a challenge to create separate bar lounge and restaurant areas within the space, they felt it was necessary to create a cohesion between these two areas. “It was important to keep the dining area calmer and simpler, to allow the beauty of the food to shine,” says Sophie Pascoe, who is part of the team at Blacksheep Creatives. Dark timber was used heavily throughout the space, and bespoke brass details created a luxurious feel.

There were subtle nods to the principles of Vaastu Shastra in the design. “It was important for our client that we respect and integrate such practices. While it was unchartered territory for us, it provided us with an interesting framework, in particular, a heightened sensibility for symmetry and geometric patterns,” adds Pascoe.

Mango Tree, Mumbai: Thai On Our Minds

The ingredients for the extensive menu at Mango Tree, Mumbai spans a wide variety of north, north eastern, central and southern Thai dishes and are directly flown in from Thailand. The Mango Tree lobster pad thai; Phad Pak Ruam Mi, an excellent stir-fry of mixed vegetables in garlic and soya, and Pla Song Withi, crispy sea bass done two ways—in pad cha ginger peppercorn sauce and topped with crunchy fried garlic stand out. For dessert, indulge in the mango sticky-rice topped with pandanus tapioca pearls. You could also give the Mango Tree brownie, with banana, coconut ice cream, a try.

Address: Horizon Hotel, 3rd floor, 37 Juhu beach, opposite Juhu Church, Juhu, Mumbai | Timings—Lunch: 12—3.30pm, Dinner: 7pm—12.30pm | Seating capacity: Around 100

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