Thai Food

Investor Relation

Interested in becoming a part of the Exquisine Global family. Our group’s international outlets has grown to over USD$80 million annually, across 64 outlets that feature traditional Thai cooking, contemporary décor and warm hospitality. The main vision is to bring the magic of Thai cooking to a growing audience in every international city worldwide. Our product tier and selection gives you the opportunity to operate a successful franchise in whatever your market may be.

Why partner with Exquisine Global?

  • Exquisine Global is the recipient of various international franchise awards. Here are our recent accolades list of recent awards; 

    • 2019-2021: Michelin Plate Award, Mango Tree Guangzhou
    • 2019: Best Restaurant, Phillippine Tatler
    • 2018: Best Restaurant, Ctrip Gourmet List- Ctrip Select
    • 2018: Great Customer Review, DianPing Customer Review Awards
    • 2018: Individual Food & Beverage Offer of the Year in a Railway Station award for Mango Tree Kitchen in Japan, FAB (Airport Food and Beverage Awards)


  • Our proven international franchise system not only provide franchisees with the initial set-up and on-going support, but it is also designed to ensure the business is a profitable one


  • As a franchise of our brand, you will have access to the experience of our International Franchise team in all aspects of your business, such as management, operations, training, marketing, supply chain, R&D and QA


  • Every country has its own dynamic & cost metric. We work with you and guide you to determine how much each project will cost while making sure that you will get return on investment within 18-36 month. An easy metric to use in your investment strategy is a ratio for any franchisees should be 1:3 to 1:5 ratio of investment to gross sales (invest $500,000, sales should be 1.5-2.5 million USD annually

Becoming a Franchisee with Exquisine Global

For Exquisine Global, we operate primarily “Area Development franchises with the opportunity to become a Master Franchise in which you now coach others to success. We grant the rights to a territory which is usually a large city, province/state and even sometimes a whole country to one organization. Our International Franchise team will support you in meeting with the agreed goals for your territory!
If you feel you are qualified, then we would love to hear from you.
Looking for an opportunity to set up a joint venture or partnership with us, one of the group’s international outlets grow to now gross over USD$80 million annually, across 64 outlets. We always dedicated all efforts to competing on the world stage, better and faster with a Thai smile!

Please kindly contact our team for more details: