EO- Mango Tree Journey Dinner on February 16th,2023

At this event, Trevor MacKenzie will intro of being a cowboy in Canada’s Rocky Mountains, how accidentally got into the F&B industry and talking about meeting Mango Tree, learning Thai food from the streets up, and show how we started taking Thai food around the world with contemporary and premium that have international outlets grow to now gross over USD$80 million annually, across 64 outlets. Then he talked about learning different cultures and menu adaptations with open table discussion in the end.

He also shares the many challenges along his journey. The highs and lows and what he did to get through. Some key areas his story covers are:

  • Doing business in Asia as a foreigner while learning the cultures and nuances of each country.
  • Taking a Thai brand global.
  • Growing a multi-generational family business.

During Trevor’s sharing story, various menu is presented along the way with starters, main course, and desserts. Start serving with Singha Beer and cutting Tomahawk steak with Jim Jeaw sauce, Somtam with a skewer of Gai Yang, Miang Kham, Pomelo Salad with Crab meat, Tofu Gor Lae on the grill for sharing, followed by Tom Yum in the bowl with ingredients pour over hot soup, and last main dish will serve Phad Thai Lobster, Massaman Lamb Shank, Seabass Lui Suan, Okra Fai Daeng, steamed rice and end up with dessert E.g. Look Choop, Mango Sticky Rice and Champagne toast. 

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